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Weekly Recap: Acid Reflux, Millies 3rd Birthday Celebration, Kitchen Updates

Here we are again. Another Monday and to top it off a little bit of a rough start again. Holy moly I slept terrible last night. I ate so many rich filling foods yesterday and so many sweets and I paid for it when it was time to sleep. The moment I laid down 💣 acid reflux and stomach pains. I took some medicine and tried to sleep propped up. After a few hours I doozed off but did not really lay down and sleep till after 1am. It was the worst sleep I’ve had in a long time. Though when this happens I get a little mad at myself because I know this happens when I eat like I did on Sunday. It was too much heavy acidy foods. So today we are keeping it light with lots of water.

The oracle card I pulled for this week is The Initiation. Some times the cards I pull are not clear to me and that is the case this week. Though I do feel like I am in the process of crossing something I can’t put it into words. When this happens I mentally think about the card throughout the week and try to apply it to personal growth.

Cheeseburger in a bowl is a weight watchers meals that I have made twice and really like.

Not much to talk about during the work week. Thursday was a struggle in the sense that I had no energy and felt so sluggish. I ubered coffee to my workplace. I feel slightly bad about doing it because its so dang expensive but I was struggling. I don’t normally have food or beverages delivered so this was not normal.

Friday I took a barre class and ran some errands. I am still doing the 30 day yoga challenge but probably not doing the best. On days I go to the studio I don’t do the challenge. I also have skipped about two days so far due to not feeling well.

Over the weekend we had my husband’s in-laws over to celebrate Millies 3rd birthday. I didn’t take any photos but it was a lovely time. My mother in-law gave me this cute hand towel as a gift. Haha its perfect 😆

A while back I shared that we updated our kitchen cabinets. We have moved onto updating our kitchen island. My husband is boxing it out for an updated design and then we are going to paint it white. This is what it looks like so far.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


One response to “Weekly Recap: Acid Reflux, Millies 3rd Birthday Celebration, Kitchen Updates”

  1. That tea towel is precious! Acid reflux is the worst, and the kicker is always the flashback to everything that lead up to it that you should have avoided. And sometimes ubered coffee is necessary. Don’t feel bad!


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