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Weekend Recap: Mental Health, Yoga Challenge, New Luggage, Spontaneous Fun

Welcome to my blog! Starting this post on a Monday because I feel like it. Its probably not the best day to start because today I am struggling mentally, but Hey! Welcome to reality!

Today I woke up feeling pretty crappy about myself. Time for some word vomit 🤮 about how I feel…. I feel like I don’t try hard enough to accomplish my goals, I feel like I set intentions and never stick to them, I feel like I am always on my phone and should be focusing more of my attention on the people around me, I feel like I dont spend enough time with my dog and I need to walk her more, I wanna build a deeper practice with my yoga but I am too lazy to get out of bed in the morning and instead I lay there and stare at my phone then feel like shit. When I type these out and read them they seem like silly issues that I could solve easily but here I am. Its a work in progress. I wrote down some ways in my planner I can work on these daily. So let’s see how this week goes. Also, I’ve been pulling an oracle cards every Sunday for the week ahead and this weeks one is very fitting.

Quick weekend recap… my husband and I went to Philadelphia Kimmel Center Academy of Music this past Saturday and saw the Philadelphia Ballet perform Sleeping Beauty. I didn’t take photos because your not suppose to. It was beautiful. The show was almost three hours long and we had a glass of wine at one of the intermissions. On the way home we grabbed coffee and then dinner from Olive Garden takeout. The only photo I took was of the food. Otherwise I took no photos all weekend.

Tuesday started out better. I felt better mentally, more focused, more determined and more gentle on myself. I also decided to start a 30 day yoga challenge. I’ve tried them in the past but always quit. I already practice yoga on a routine basis at a studio but would like to build my at home practice. I am doing Yoga with Adriene Center challenge. Today was day 1 🧘‍♀️ I do not plan on documenting the whole journey but I will share my progress along the way.

My husband had a rough work day today. So to make things a little easier we decided to not cook and grab food out. A primos, which is a hoagie shop, opened up down the street from our house and today was the grand opening. So we went and got sandwichs. So yummy 😊

Wednesday I ended up meeting my mother in law at Kohls and she was generous enough to buy us a new carry on bag for our birthdays this year. It was a nice unexpected early birthday present and much needed. She purchased one and then I paid for the second one so we now have matching luggage that is great quality. Can’t wait to use them this year for our Greece vacation.

This week I also treated myself to a new yoga mat. I previously purchased a new pink one off Amazon but it was so bad that I returned it. Instead, I decided to invest in a good quality yoga mat. I purchased this grey Manduka Pro Lite mat from my studio. So far I love it and it should last me years.

This past Sunday my husband and I decided to be spontaneous and visit New Hope. We had some coffee and walked around the shops then stopped for some lunch and had a glass of wine. We then stopped at our favorite French bakery for a few treats. The bakery is the only reason we usually visit 🥰 we tend to go down one to two times a year and indulge. Love that place!

And that brings us almost full circle! Tomorrow is Monday and back to work. I am feeling much better mentally. We all have our down days. I had a great week that was filled with many blessings and lovely memories.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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