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Valentine’s Day 2023 Recap

Today I wanted to share a Valentine’s day recap. My husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day the weekend before since it fell on a Tuesday. We made reservations for our favorite restaurant Davios. Bob ordered a filet and I ordered crab cakes. We then shared parmesan broccolini, mac and cheese and had philly cheesesteak spring rolls. The food was aaaammmazing and the wine was phenomenal. Bob picked out an amazing wine 🍷

Sunday I was so tired and exhausted for some reason….I skipped yoga. I literally sat around all day and ate food and waited to watch the Super Bowl with my husband. I personally could care less about sports but the Eagles are playing and considering they are our team I am gonna “watch”. At dinner for Valentines day there was a table of drunk young people and the one guy was in the bathroom screaming “Go Eagles” it was amusing.

On the actual day Bob surprised me with two flowers/plants. He got me calla lillies and a mini rose bushes. I have to do some research on them on care. I wanna see if I can keep them alive for a long time. He also surprised me with a mini champagne bottle! It was perfection and much needed because I had a rough work day. We then watched an Audrey Hepburn movie Funny Face. It was such a nice relaxing evening. He is an amazing husband.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


One response to “Valentine’s Day 2023 Recap”

  1. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like some great meals and fun.


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