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Weekly Recap: January Book & More Home Updates

Started the week off by finishing my book for January. I read the book The Girl I Was by Jevena Rose. It was an easy read and not a bad book.

I really like the air fried eggplant with some marinara sauce and a wedge of laughing cow cheese melted into it. Its yummy 😋 I prepped this on Sunday for the work week. Will have to make this again.

A coworker bought in some tea that they did not like so they gave it to me! Its lemon zinger and I think it is delicious! I’ve been enjoying a cup at night with my chocolate treat. I allow myself a little chocolate square as a treat once a day if I have the points. I love chocolate 🍫😍

I think I mentioned this before but my husband and I are only eating out once a month. We have our dinner planned for February and we are using Valentines Day as our event that month. March is also planned now! We went to see the nutcracker ballet a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I love ballet and my husband loves classical music. So for March we got tickets to see Sleeping Beauty and we plan to have dinner out the same day.

I really like the brand Lancome and I love the Idole line. I wear the perfume daily and use the mascara. I was in needd of a new mascara and when I went online I saw the price went up. It was already pricey but now its even worse. I was attempting to look and see if I can find it cheaper and came across a deal at Kohls Sephora. They currently have a gift set deal where you get a mascara, primer and eye liner for cheaper then the mascara price alone. So I went after work and picked it up.

Update: Not a fan of the primer but I’ll use it because I paid for it.

Friday I went to a barre class, cleaned the house and did laundry. I haven’t cleaned our home in over two weeks which is bad for me. I also went to the dentist…I swear I am always there.

And….just like that eating out once this month went out the door. I was literally just talking about this 💀🤡 my husband went out after work to celebrate someones retirement. He got home later then normal and we didn’t know what to cook so we grabbed dinner out. I ate a salad and some cheese fries. I did not count the meal at all either on weight watchers. We are winning here folks ☠ but in all seriousness it is not a big deal. Back on it tomorrow. So this month we will have eatten out twice. Not as planned but not bad.

This weekend I finished the pillow I was working on. I like the way it turned out. I love this crochet pattern. It looks great on any project.

We went to target this weekend for some random groceries and I found this 13 piece utensil set for $30. I really like the wood handles with the silicone tops. We had a bunch of miss matched pieces so I tossed them and now they all match. We are slowly working on getting our kitchen in order.

Update: Before I finished this blog post my husband ruined one of the spoons 🙃 he melted it….so yeah…we are gonna replace it but also get some all wood spoons that we can use for higher heat.

Sunday I did my normal meal prepping. I made some more air crisped eggplant and also some chickpeas. I love to add the chickpeas to salad or snack on them by themselves.

I ordered a tree hall and that came in on Sunday afternoon so we put that together. It was really simple. I wanted one to have more space for shoes, coats and accessories. My plan was to have it by out front door but that did not work because of a floor vent. So now its in this corner. I like it. I do need to slow down on buying home items. So besides what we need to get to finish our kitchen cabinets and island I’m gonna chill with the spending. I did make a crochet hanging basket for the tree hall also from yarn I already own.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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