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Weekly Recap: Home Updates, Birthday Celebrations, New Stethoscope

May my beautiful rose gold and white stethoscope rest in piece. Yes, I am being dramatic. My husband purchased this for me years ago because I fell in love the color. This week my tubing cracked. Thankfully, I still have old faithful 🥴 my very first ever stethoscope. And she still works like a charm. I’ve had this Littman classic II for about 15 years! About a year ago I wiped it down with Armour All and put it in storage. Well, the Armour All worked like a charm because the tubing is now super soft and pliable. I am going to try and break my tendency to wear my stethoscope around my neck because it hardens the tubing. I did place an order for a new MDF One black on black color so I can put old faithful back away.

The week was pretty uneventful besides my stethoscope breaking. I was honestly pretty cranky all week so that was not fun.

Friday night my husband and I relaxed with some wine, popcorn and a movie. Of course, we also got into our hot tub. I worked half a day Friday and ended up skipping yoga class. Instead of going to yoga my husband and I went to Home Depot to get some home supplies for our kitchen. We picked out cabinet hardware, wood triming and a few random items.

Saturday morning we went grocery shopping and went to Costco again for a few things. My husband then put most of the hardware on the cabinets. I also purchased liner so I worked on that. Last week we ordered an adhesive wood covering. I don’t really know what you call it but its pretty much a big sticker that looks like brown wood. The goal was too use it to cover the sides of the cabinets. When it came in the mail I thought it was too dark and wasn’t a fan but figured we would test it anyway. I cut it to size and held it up the side of the cabinet. It did not look good so we scrapped that idea. I’m just gonna wax the ends and leave them like that. The ends of our cabinets are not real wood so the wax doesn’t absorb into as well. It does darken them a little. Instead of obsessing over the ends that is what we are gonna leave it at. I really like the way the cabinets turned out so far.

We also finished up the bathroom. So we have the new medicine cabinet and mirror up. I love it also!

Saturday afternoon we had our in-laws over for my mother in laws belated birthday. I decided to make a weight watchers dinner that my husband and I both know we like and I thought they would like it as well. I made Tuscan Chicken Pasta. We also had wine and German apple crumb cake. As a birthday gift we gave my mother in law a bottle of wine and I gave her part of my propagated rubber plant that I replanted into a planter. I also made her and a friend a crocheted hat. I told them I would make then at Christmas time. They turned out lovely. We ate food, drank wine, enjoyed some time in the hot tub and just relaxed and talked. It was lovely.

Sunday morning I woke up exhausted. We stayed up pretty late after our family left. Millie did not let us sleep in either. She had us up before 6am. I went to yoga class and fell asleep during the meditation and savasana parts. It was so relaxing and much needed but I was exhausted. I came home and took a nap then did a bunch of work around the house. I air fried an eggplant for the first time to be used for work lunches.

How was your week? Some weeks are harder then others and this one was a little rough for me. It was filled with crankiness and emotions but overall it was a lovely week and I had an amazing weekend celebrating my mother in law.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


4 responses to “Weekly Recap: Home Updates, Birthday Celebrations, New Stethoscope”

  1. Your white and pink gold stethoscope was a pretty one! I’ve seen some nurses use this stethoscope. I have a Littmann III stethoscope. It’s raspberry colored and has pen stains all over it. I can’t clean it (I’ve tried) and I need a new stethoscope too. Tbh I hate mine.


    1. My white one had stains that I couldn’t get rid of also. It just happens with time. You’ll have to treat yourself to a new one! MDF has decently priced stethoscopes. Thanks for reading!

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  2. I absolutely LOVE the hats! You are really talented! The whole gift sounds so thoughtful and sweet. And your evening with your in-laws sounds so perfect! I will have to look up that recipe.


    1. Thanks so much! The recipe is delicious 😋


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