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Ringing in the New Year with Some Resolutions.

Over the past few years I have gone back and forth with making New Years Resolutions. Some years I make them and then other years I skip them. Last year I made no resolutions but did make some monthly goals throughout the year.

I had a overall great 2022. I traveled to Puerto Rico and New Orleans. My husband and I had our backyard redone and had a hot tub installed. We planned a Greece vacation for 2023. I celebrated my cousins wedding and got to see family. Ill share some posts from 2022 below! You can also view my blog post by specific months through the archives.

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Since I didn’t make any “official” goals or resolutions last year and though I am not big on them I did decide to make some for this new year. I decided to make six resolutions. I can work on them all at the same time but pick one each month to focus more of my attention on. I worded my goals as if I already do them. This is to motivate me and to tricks my mind into thinking I already am this person and I already do these things.

Read twelve books

This one is a goal and pretty straight forward. The goal is to read one book a month for the whole year.

I love my body and will continue to nourish my body and mind with healthy foods and movement.

I am intentional with phone and social media usage. I spend less time on my phone and more time with the people I love.

I speak with kindness and love towards myself and others.

I save money and practice healthy money habits.

I am a yogi with a deep rooted practice and I incorporate yoga into all aspects of my life.

I wrote my goals on a pink notecard and have them taped in my planner. I use my planner every day and will see my goals each time I open my planner.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


2 responses to “Ringing in the New Year with Some Resolutions.”

  1. I love the idea of speaking as if you are already doing these things. That is motivating. Wishing you a great new year friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year! Speak it as if its your truth!


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