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Embracing Change: Fall Is The Perfect Time To Embrace Change

Today I wanted to talk about something that is on my mind and heart and it really hit me at work recently. Embracing change. This topic feels like it literally smacked me upside the head as I was walking out my door to work.

The crazy thing is I feel like the universe is speaking to me. I say this because I have been dealing with some changes in my work life and I haven’t been embracing them. Change is hard and it can be scary. Especially when our normal routines change and we have no choice. Your options are to embrace the change or remove yourself.

This topic feels so appropriate right now with the Fall season. The weather has changed, leaves are beautiful shades of red and orange and are falling from the trees. I snapped these photos of my front yard. My bushes no longer have flowers but are green and full and my mums are flowered and beautiful. My azela bushes flower in the spring and my mums in the fall. Everything has its season and they naturally embrace the changing of the seasons.

So yes we know that change is hard and some of us easily embrace change while others struggle. I tend to struggle especially when its a change I don’t want. But change is a part of life that we need to embrace otherwise we become stagnant and no longer grow. So it may be time to change your mindset and open yourself to change but think of it as opening yourself up to growth.

Here are five ways I am changing my mindset on change:

Remember that change is inevitable, normal, and necessary. I am a negative Nancy and I am the type of person who sees the glass half empty. Its just my nature and it is very difficult for me to change this. It takes hard work for me to change my mindset and be positive. But change will happen throughout your life so you will need to embrace it at certain points. Without changes we stay stagnant and can not grow. We need to change! We can not stay the same because life naturally does not work this way. Think of all the ways the earth changes seasons. The natural cycle of life and death. These are all changes.

Celebrate growth. Change is hard especially when it feels forced, but you can chose how you react. You can chose to be negative or you can chose to have a positive view. Though it is hard try to celebrate the change and think about the growth you will have from the change.

Have an open mind and make change work for you. Remember all change becomes routine with time. You did not just wake up today and now how to do your job. You either went to college, a trade school, or learned on the job. It can take years of training to learn your profession. For instance, I went to college to be a registered nurse. That education gave me the foundation to start my career. I built on that foundation with each new job. I knew nothing about the current field I am working in as a nurse before I started. I had to learn this specialty and I still don’t know everything. So I had to learn and change and now much of it is routine to me. So now that I have a firm grasp on my job and there are new changes how can I implement them to help me? Maybe they seem hard right now but they might make my job easier in the future. How can these changes improve my life?

Maintain a positive attitude. There’s that positive attitude talk again coming from a negative Nancy. But its 100% the truth! It is all about your attitude towards change that affects how you deal with it. If your negative from the start then you may have a more difficult time dealing with the changes. A positive attitude helps you look for the good and growth that comes with change.

Focus on what you can control. A lot of things happen to us in life that we have absolutely no control over. That is just a fact of life. While there are many things we can not control there are some things we can control. We can control how we react, our thoughts and our feelings.

What can you do to embrace change? The seasons don’t even think twice about the changes. They know that change is inevitable and without the changing of the seasons we can not move forward to the next season ahead.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


6 responses to “Embracing Change: Fall Is The Perfect Time To Embrace Change”

  1. This looks like it was such a beautiful day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oops…I meant to write that under the flower post!


      1. No worries 🤪 thanks so much


  2. I seldom come across lifestyle bloggers who are really who they claim to be. Enjoyed peaking into your life.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I think many people try to portray themselves in a way that they think will attract an audience and views. That’s just my opinion. I blog because I enjoy it and its a great way for me to reminisce and have personal growth.


  3. Great piece! I think this what I needed to hear. Currently going through life changes and trying to make the proper adjustments. It most certainly starts with mindset. If we do not grow through changes we will stay stagnant. Life is all about growth with a path full of ups and downs. Thank you for sharing!


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