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Weekend Recap: Movie Marathon, Outdoor Shopping, Rainy Weekends

What a rainy glorious weekend we just had. It was so relaxing and lovely. This past weekend our area was hit with the remnants of hurricane Ian. So it pretty much rained all weekend with some breaks in between.

I started the weekend with taking a Friday night yoga class. I was nervous at first because I was the only person to sign up 😬 no pressure. There ended up being three students and the teacher. I get nervous because my ego gets in the way and I doubt my poses, but it ended up being great. I’m gonna try going every Friday.

Saturday was an unexpected adventure. We decided to visit Peddlers Village, which is a charming, old-fashioned “village” with shopping and restaurants. We usually go once a year and decided to go. There was a break in the weather and it turned out to be such an amazing time.

We purchased wine, popcorn, stocked up on some chocolate honey that I love and had a delicious lunch. We even got Millie some goodies.

Garlic pesto pizza. So yummy 😋
Little water creek in between the shops.
Millies very fitting new toys for the weekend.
Snacks for movie night
Wine for movie night

I got to cross another item off my Autumn bucket list. Movie marathon 🎥 and it was very fitting. We watched Hocus Pocus 2 and then the original. I enjoyed the movie and thought it was good. We set the mood with our pumpkins and Halloween decor.

Millie destroyed her hocus pocus pumpkin then relaxed on my lap the rest of the night.

Sunday was very relaxing and I didn’t take really any photos. I took a yoga class then relaxed all day. It downpoured most of the day which called for lots of relaxation. I tested out a new hair drier which I really like. The rest of the day was spent getting ready for a new week.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun or maybe you just relaxed? The weather has changed so quickly and Fall is full blown 🍂

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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