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Autumn Bucket List: Weekend Mountain Getaway

This week officially marks the start of Autumn 🍂 and I have started checking things off my bucket list.

This weekend we had to go up to my in-laws mountain home so my husband could do work on the house. It was the perfect opportunity to start working on my autumn bucket list. It was a quick one night trip but it was more then a enough time to enjoy the outdoor beauty 🌲

My husband spent a few hours doing the work that was needed and once that was done we went for a short hike with Millie. I love taking her on mountain walks and she loves the water, but it was a little to chilly this time.

It was a very short trip so I don’t have many photos. Just some pictures from our hike. The weather was perfection 👌

Can you spot the blue jay?

After the day’s activities my husband started a fire and we relaxed. We ended up sleeping on the sofas instead of in the bed haha and I slept with Millie all snuggled up against me. Millie and I take naps on the weekends on the sofa but I’ve never slept with her overnight on anything. I loved it but unfortunately I can’t convince my husband to let her sleep in our bed 😢

Overall it was a short getaway but so relaxing and the weather was perfect. A great start to Autumn.


3 responses to “Autumn Bucket List: Weekend Mountain Getaway”

  1. Mountain time is so rewarding. Beautiful pictures. Millie is so cute! Sounds like a great trip. I love your bucket list.


    1. Thanks ❤️ I am so excited to keep working on my list.

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