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July 4th, Dentist Visit, Barre, Stranger Things, Hot Tub Issues | Weekly Recap

I tried doing a post like this last week but I deleted it. I am not good at taking photos and blogging through out the week. But I am going to try this again. I am starting out this blog on July 4th 🇺🇲 🎆 Wish me luck.

I purchased this self care planner on Amazon and so far I am loving it! I am very excited to use this new planner. It has everything I need and want from a planner. It is undated which is perfect.

For lunch I had some mac and cheese and added some sweet and spicy tuna. It was delicious 😋 and filling.

We got a nice surprise in the mail this weekend. The company we purchased our hot tub from sent us some fudge. It is so good and creamy. I’ve been eating it with some berries as a snack.

Prepped some roasted chickpeas for salads this week at work. I shared the recipe recently and will link it below.

Roasted Chickpeas

Have you ever tried grilled romaine lettuce? It is so delicious! I love mines grilled with a little olive oil.

It’s Tuesday and back to work 😪🙃 can not say that I am thrilled to start a new work week. I have been struggling to get out of bed on work days. Anybody else get up early but just lay in bed? I wake up at 530am but I lay there in bed and either play on my phone, read or doze off again. What I should be doing is either get up and do yoga or something else or just sleep in later and change my alarm clock. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.

I wasn’t really hungry this morning but I had some toast with peanut butter and honey. And of course coffee ☕

Lunch was a salad, fruit and lemon bar. I’m thinking this post is going to be all food pictures. So I hope you like good haha. My life is not very exciting during the work week.

We had a rep from an infusion company come into the office. He provided me with some company information and then gave us cookies!

After work, I had a dentist appointment. I really dislike going to the dentist because there is always something wrong that they find. This is my fault though. I currently go every 3 months because I had a descaling done a while ago and my insurance pays for the frequent cleanings. I just hate going because its always something. My gums were bleeding with this cleaning and it is because I am not flossing religiously like I should. So I told myself yesterday that I am tired of this! So my new routine is I must floss every night before bed and then use my water pick. Yesterday I did a mixture of half water and half Listerine. No more excuses. I know oral health is very important.

My favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn and I picked up this book months ago. I actually started reading it but for some reason stopped. So last night before bed I restarted it and I will finish it this time.

Do you tend to eat the same meals throughout the week? Oatmeal with brown sugar and fruit is my normal go to breakfast.

This popped up on my WordPress feed on Wednesday. I had no idea it has been 5 years of blogging! Cheers to me and everyone who reads and supports my blog. Thank you for your support! These past five years have gone by so fast.

I recently ordered some new stickers for my water bottle! I carry around a 50oz pink water bottle with me to make sure I get all my water in daily. This is the first set that arrived. I am waiting on a few more. They are adorable. I purchased them off etsy and will link the shop and individual stickers below.


Grow At Your Own Pace Tulips Sticker

Pennsylvania Floral State

Pink Rainbow

But First Coffee Sticker

I had off work on Friday so I decided to conquer one of my goals for the month. I took a barre class at the yoga studio I have been attending. It was intense but I was able to keep up for the most part. It really kicked my butt but I loved it. I even started talking to other people in the class (I am more of an introvert and get anxious about these things). I am proud of myself and will be back for more. I really am so happy I found this local studio.

July Monthly Goals

I came home and made myself a smoothie. I purchased these individual packs of smoothies at Costco and they are delicious. They seem to take a lot of liquid to get them drinkable though. I also made a mess of the process. I guess I didn’t tighten the bottom of the blender and it leaked everywhere. Oops.

I spent the rest of my day off relaxing and finished the second part of season 4 of Stranger Things. Am I the only one that is disappointed in the finale!?! I thought the last episode was terrible. I will not give any spoilers just in case you wanna watch but I was not happy with it. I love the show but I think it is time for them to end it.

The last sticker I’ve been waiting for came in today.


Inhale/Exhale Sticker

My husband and I were all ready to get into our hot tub Friday night, but when we opened the cover the water was green and stinky🤢 quick google search told us we have algae in our tub. We tried to fix it but it didn’t work so I’ll have to call the company we purchased it from in the morning for some advice. Neither one of us grew up with a pool or hot tub. This is our first one so we have a lot to learn still.

Instead we had some wine and watched movies.

We ended up figuring out what was wrong with our hot tub without having to call. So we emptied, cleaned and refilled the tub. Such a learning curve!

Anybody else love these nerd gummy clusters? They are so good.

On Saturday my husband made this delicious meal! Cajun chicken pasta. We used red pepper pasta instead of linguine. OMG it’s so good and I highly recommend. I’ll share the link to the recipe below.

Cajun chicken pasta

I am going to end this recap here on Saturday night. My husband and I are relaxing and gonna enjoy the hot tub. Tomorrow I plan to clean my house and prep for the week.

How was your week?
Has anything exciting happened in your life?
Try anything new this week such as a new recipe or class?
Comment below and lets talk!

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


7 responses to “July 4th, Dentist Visit, Barre, Stranger Things, Hot Tub Issues | Weekly Recap”

  1. BottomsUpOrange Avatar

    You had a great week!!!!


    1. I did have a great week! I always think my weeks are boring but when I document them I see how much I did. Great change in perspective. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those look like some great meals. Bravo about yoga- I haven’t been in a few years. Completely understand about the algae- we have a pool. Ha. That stuff can grow quickly!


  3. “Anybody else get up early but just lay in bed?” ME! ME! ME! I wake up at 6:30AM everyday and just stay in bed till I’m legit late for work. 😭


  4. Love seeing the food. Good you are eating well and healthy. Your blog reminds me of mine sometimes. I share a lot of food too. lol. Have a great week. Hope the hot tub got fixed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am guilty of snacking way too much recently 😅 we gotta share what we love and that is food haha. Hope you have a great week also!


  5. Great tips regrading Oral health . You provided the best information which helps us a lot. Thanks for sharing the wonderful information.

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