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Slow & Steady | Weight Loss Week in Review 6/13/22-6/20/22

Welcome to the blog! Today I am sharing an update and a quick weekend recap.

This weekend has been a slight whirlwind of internal emotions, but it has been a great weekend. I am very happy with my food intake this week. I did well and stayed on track.

Saturday was my weigh in and I was not happy with the results. I lost nothing and gained 0.1 pounds. I was pretty annoyed but I also know weight does not change overnight. I ended up having a deep conversation with my husband about why I even want to lose more weight and he challenged me to really think about what my goals are because I keep changing them. I wasn’t really able to answer what my goals are currently so this is something I will be reflecting on this week. More on that to come. I need to do some deep reflection.

I picked up this beautiful bouquet of peonies at my local grocery store. They are my favorite flower 💐 They really brightened up my kitchen and smell amazing. If I could have fresh peonies in my home all the time I would. I love them ❤

After grocery shopping I washed and prepped all the food. I find this really makes meals and snacks easier throughout the week. Everything is ready to be used. Plus it makes it easier for me to grab more fresh healthy options. I had a girlfriend over so we got a pizza to eat for dinner.

My grocery store had nectarines on sale so I grabbed a bag. I have never had one! They are delicious. I really enjoy having fresh fruits available in my home.

I have been craving iced coffee so I made a batch of iced coffee and even enjoyed my brown sugar iced coffee. I’ll share links to how I make my coffee.

How to make iced coffee

Brown sugar iced coffee

The best part of my weekend was taking a yoga class. Years ago I use to do yoga routinely in a studio and I loved it but I stopped and never got back into the practice as faithfully as I was back then. For a while now I have been wanting to get started again but have kept putting it off. I finally decided to stop making excuses. I picked a studio I was interested in and booked a class. I am so happy I did!! It was an amazing class! I felt like a new person. It was inspiring, motivating and I loved the vibes. I felt like it awakened something in me that I had lost. The instructor had her dog there and he was so sweet. I have no idea if the dog is a boy or girl or even the name. The dog has one eye missing and its tongue hangs out but he was so welcoming and sweet. He slept in a bed next to the instructor the whole time. I look forward to going back and building my practice.

Sunday afternoon my husband I went to Ritas and I tried the peanut butter blast concrete. So delicious 😋 not in my points but I did not care.

With the new week ahead I plan on doing some reflection and goal making. I need to decide what I really want out of this journey and not focus on just numbers.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


4 responses to “Slow & Steady | Weight Loss Week in Review 6/13/22-6/20/22”

  1. BottomsUpOrange Avatar

    The peonies are beautiful!!!! It looks like you have some healthy food habits, and yoga is great too. Tx for the reminder….I need to do better myself!


    1. Thanks ❤️ I do have some healthy habits but need to work on the mentality part 😀 always a work in progress.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you’re weigh in didn’t get you down for long. I tell my PT clients all the time to try to weigh yourself and forget about it. Focus on the end goal instead of the day to day – if you can.


    1. Thanks! I have actually taken the past week to reevaluate my goals. So new changes are in the works ✨


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