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How To Make Iced Coffee At Home | Recipe

Today I am sharing something very simple that will save you time and money! Making iced coffee at home! Stop running to your local coffee shop everyday and make this simple recipe at home.

This is not a new topic and I am sure it has been talked about many times by many people. If you are like me then you drink coffee everyday, but are you making your coffee at home or are you spending $5 on a cup every day? That is a lot of money and it adds up quickly.

Grabbing a cup of coffee from your favorite place should be a treat and not something you do everyday. Instead I want to challenge you to start cutting back on hitting your favorite spot and start making your coffee at home. Here is how I make iced coffee at home and have it ready to go quickly.

It does not matter if you use a coffee drip pot or a Keurig. Use whatever you have on hand. I have a Keurig so that is what I use. Grab a large mason jar or any glass jar and make your coffee. I ran my Keurig twice to fill up this jar. I then let it sit out on the counter top to cool down. Once it is cooled I seal the lid and place it in my fridge. Just like that *magic* I create iced coffee and can grab it throughout the week. I do not add ice until I am ready to serve. This prevents the coffee from being watered down. Just make enough to get yourself how many cups you would need. Add cream and sugar and your off with a delicious cost effective drink. It is very simple, will save you money and also will help with staying away from all the extra sugar in those drinks.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


8 responses to “How To Make Iced Coffee At Home | Recipe”

  1. I’ll give this a try. It’s getting hot where I live and I love drinking coffee ☕


    1. Let me know how it works for you. I love coffee also and this helps save money.

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  2. Hi. New here. Excited to see this. Just got my husband a coffee bean grinder and a pour over coffee maker. Didn’t even think about making iced coffee. So smart!

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    1. So glad to have you 💓 I am glad you found this helpful. You can make some delicious iced coffee at home!

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      1. Thank you very much!

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