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15 Days of Gratitude Journal Prompts

Gratitude can help disconnect us from negative and toxic emotions. It is a way to shift our mindset and mood to focus on the positive in our lives. Today I am sharing 15 gratitude journal prompts to help shift your attention from negative to positive.

Gratitude is the expression of appreciation for what one has. It is purposely recognizing the good and positive aspects in your life. It is making an effort of appreciation even when life is tough and nothing seems to be going right. It is hard to make a conscious effort of gratitude but it can change your way of thinking and lift your mood. Deliberately expressing gratitude can help boost happiness and shift your mindset.

I recently finished 15 days of purposeful gratitude journaling. I embarked on this journey and goal because I have been dealing with burnout and anxiety and was exploring different ways to cope and manage my many emotions. The last fifteen days I have deliberately set aside a few minutes every morning to express my gratitude with journaling and prompts. It can be a few sentences, a paragraph or even a word but it has to be something positive and something you are thankful for each day. These past fifteen days have helped me view the positive aspects of my life and have helped me on my journey to reset my mind. When I am thinking negatively I now have some tools I can use to redirect my brain and shift my negative mindset.

Below, I am sharing my journal prompts that I used for fifteen days of gratitude journaling. Before you embark on your journey remember the goal is to shift your mindset to appreciation and gratitude. There will still be negative thoughts and emotions and you also need to embrace them. The goal is not to ignore your negative thoughts because this can be damaging as well. Embrace your thoughts, accept them, acknowledge them and then focus on something positive.

15 Gratitude Journal Prompts

  1. Describe a person in your life you are grateful for.
  2. Describe a space or room in your home that makes you happy.
  3. List something in nature that you are grateful for.
  4. A future event you are excited for.
  5. What is a negative experience you are grateful for?
  6. Name a tradition you love and look forward to every year.
  7. What’s one way you get to move your body that makes you feel great.
  8. Are you happy with how your day turned out yesterday?
  9. List one current struggle you are dealing with and one thing you are learning with this struggle.
  10. What skill do you have that you are grateful for?
  11. What’s an accomplishment you are proud of?
  12. What are ten things that make you happy?
  13. What made you smile today?
  14. What is one thing you love about your job?
  15. What’s something positive in your life that you didn’t have a year ago?

I hope you find this post helpful, whether you are new to journaling or just starting your journey. Pin or save the image above for quick access to the prompts and feel free to share it with a friend!

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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  2. These are so many great gratitude journal prompts that can be beneficial using to improve your mental health. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren x


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