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Creative and Simple Ways to Re-purpose Old Glass Bottles and Jars

Glass jars and bottles are multi-functional and recyclable. Before you throw away that used up candle container or any glass container think about some ways you can reuse it. Today I am sharing some simple and creative ways you can reuse glass jars.

I thought it would be fun to start this post off by showing you my glass container collection. I tend to keep more candle containers more than anything. I do not keep all containers but instead I pick and choose which ones I like the most. This is not about having excess. It is about keeping what I love so I can reuse them and recycle the rest.

1. Recycle
The simplest thing you can do with your empty glass containers is recycle them. Do not throw them in the trash but instead recycle them. Some companies have recycling programs. So before you toss do a quick Google search. It takes only a few minutes.

2. Hair Accessories
Little empty candle containers are great for storage. Bobby pins and elastic hair bands tend to get lost. Keep them stored in an empty glass container. I keep my bobby pins in an empty candle jar with a lid.

3. Beauty Accessories
I use an old gold candle jar to store some of my beauty items such as tweezers, slippers and brushes. It is a great way to stay organized and easily access items I use frequently.

4. Organize the Bathroom
Q tips, cotton pads, floss, toothbrushes can all be stored in empty glass jars. Anything you need to store in the bathroom think about storing them in a reused glass jar.

5. Create a New Candle
Probably the best use of an old candle jar? Make a new one! You can purchase all the supplies you will need and you will learn a new craft! You can even save yourself money with this DIY project.

6. Organize Your Desk
Pens, pencils, paperclips, rubber bands. All your office supplies can be stored in cute little reusable glass jars. Keep your desk organized and have all your supplies at your fingertips.

7. Give Homemade Gifts
Instead of purchasing new containers for gifts reuse old glass jars. You can fill them with a delicious treat, prepackaged candies, make a new candle, or even DIY a body scrub. Personalize the glass jar with a label and you have a beautiful sustainable homemade gift.

8. Leftover Grease
Many people save grease when cooking and some even reuse it. You can store the grease in a glass container. Personally, I do not do this but instead I keep old coffee containers and pour grease into them and then dispose of the container. This avoids pouring the grease down the sink or into a trash can which is not safe.

9. Declutter Your Junk Drawer
Old glass candle jars are great for separating and storing things like batteries, nails, screws, and coins. You can add labels to the jars or leave them plain. The great thing is you can see everything in them.

10. Food Storage
Glass jars are perfect to store bulk items such as dry beans and grains. Make and store jams and jellies and other delicious treats. Fill them up with colorful candies or chocolate. Store your favorite coffee, tea or dried herbs. The options with food storage are endless. Anything with a sealed top lid works perfectly.

11. Flower Vase
Fill that empty glass jar with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Spray paint the jars any color or design you want to add some color to your home.

12. DIY Beauty
There are so many DIY options such as body scrubs, lip balms, lotions and deodorants. So if you are into making homemade beauty and self care products then glass jars are perfect for storing your products.

13. Jewelry Storage
Beautiful empty jars can be used as jewelry storage. Small earrings and rings would look beautiful in a small glass.

14. Supply Storage
At this point, you can get the point that glass jars are great for storage! Use them to store art and craft supplies, trinkets and small toys like Legos.

15. Grow a Plant
Small shallow jars are perfect for growing succulents. Plants can add a touch of green and happiness to any area in your home.

16. Glassware
A great alternative for drink ware. Hosting a party? Instead of using disposable cups use empty glasses. Use a variety of sizes, shapes and colors!

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


4 responses to “Creative and Simple Ways to Re-purpose Old Glass Bottles and Jars”

  1. That’s a great list of ideas. Awesome!

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  2. sis…this is entirely my life!! HAHAHA! random jars sitting around waiting to be used.

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    1. Haha I love it! Your resourceful


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