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Under The Sink Clutter | Organization Ideas

On this blog we are all about using our spaces efficiently and in a way that fits our lifestyle. Under the kitchen sink can be a tough area to keep organized due to its odd space. So today we are tackling this cluttered and often overlooked area.

Since first starting this post my undersink area has changed three times. Let me explain why….I first cleaned up under my sink and had it how I thought I wanted it. Then one day I was reaching under the sink for some bathroom cleaner. The bottle slipped out of my hand and hit a pipe. The pipe blew and water went everywhere. It was a mess and thankfully my husband was home because I had no idea what I was doing. My husband has since replaced the pipe. So that made a change in my plans.

I thought I had the area organized but I still had too much clutter under my sink. Underneath my sink is small and odd because of the pipes that run through the area. After the pipe incident we decided we needed even less underneath the sink. What I thought was neat and tidy was actually cluttered and overwhelming. While replacing the pipe my husband also removed a filter that was taking up space and not being used. So that opened up the space more. So I went through everything again and removed even more. I decided I don’t want anything near the pipes for obvious reasons.

Fixing the broken pipe

I originally purchased this placed container with a lid to store my sponges. I originally had it under the sink but have since moved it elsewhere. The first attempt was a failure because I still had too many products crammed into a small space and I ended up breaking a pipe due to the clutter.

I was not a fan of the bulky white container and knew I could still make improvements to the space. The white container could only fit in a certain way due to its size and made the area less functional.

I recently had gotten a white small caddy from Grove. I decided to make another purchase from them and was able to get another caddy. So I replaced the bulky white container with their caddies. They fit perfectly and hold all my cleaners. I also removed chemicals that I do not use often in my kitchen. My space is now more open and organized. I can see all my products and have plenty of space to move items around.

When I organize and de-clutter I often like my space to be aesthetically pleasing but sometimes function overrides the appearance. You may not be able to notice much of a difference in this space from the photos alone but let me assure you the space is much more functional and open with every product in its place.

Cleaning Product Haul | Grove Collaborative

What does your under sink area look like? It is awkward like my space? How do you utilize the space so that you are getting the most use out of it?

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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