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Food, Food & Food|Weekend Recap

It has been a long time since I posted a weekend recap. Not every weekend is eventful so I don’t always have much to say. If you can not tell by the title this weekend was filled with delicious food 😋


My husband and I made it a goal to only eat out twice a month but this month we will have eaten out three times, which is still pretty good for limiting our meals out. Friday we were planning on eating dinner at home but neither one of us wanted to cook or eat the same old food. So we hit up our local pizza place. My husband even decided to try a different kind of pizza. Taco pizza 🌮🍕 it was the first time trying it and it is definitely different. It was delicious but very heavy and filling. Later that night we enjoyed a bottle of wine and watched a movie my husband purchased off Amazon. The movie is called Hell’s Angels.


We planned to head out to Peddlers village and New Hope to do some shopping. We have a tradition of purchasing a nutcracker during the holiday season for our home. We didn’t purchase one last year so we decided to get one this year. We always purchase our nutcrackers from Fehrenbach Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks and German Gifts in Peddlers Village. This year we picked up the Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker – Soldier Small Natural.

We then headed over to a honey store called Sticky Situations. We visited the store in October and I purchased some dark chocolate honey. I am practically out of it so I picked up a larger container and also a new flavor cinnamon honey. They also have an olive oil and pasta store connected to the honey store. So we restocked on pepper noodles that we both love. Next stop was Bucks County House of Jerky for some jerky tasting.

After we left Peddlers Village we headed to New Hope for you guessed it…..more food. More specifically C’est La Vie French Bakery & Cafe and Clusters Handcrafted Popcorn. My husband and I love the French bakery 🇫🇷 we have always gotten pastries but wanted to sit down and eat a sandwich from the cafe. We both had a ham and brie sandwich with mustard. So simple but so darn delicious 😋 it was amazing! We also of course had to get a few pastries to take home. We then grabbed some delicious popcorn to enjoy the rest of the day.

Last but not least we got Millie a new toy. Its a ball that you put treats in and she has to get the treats out. Its a fun brain stimulating game for her. So far she loves it.


Oh where to start….what an interesting day. I’m sitting here typing this part of the post on my phone. Sitting on my kitchen floor watching my husband work under our kitchen sink because I busted a pipe…..

Sunday started out with us making breakfast then grocery shopping. I was tried so my husband and I took a nap. After our nap, I was determined to get some work done around the house. I was reaching under my kitchen sink for toilet bowl cleaner. When I grabbed the bottle it slipped out of my hand and hit a pipe. The pipe instantly snapped and I had water gushing out straight in my face and all over my kitchen. Thankfully, my husband was in the kitchen when it happened. We tried to turn the water off under the sink but nothing was working so he ran downstairs and turned the whole house off. Apparently I broke the pipe before the valve.

So we quickly had to contain the water and thankfully we stopped it before it was too bad. Then we had to run out to the hardware store to get supplies so my husband could fix the pipe. Needless to say I felt horrible. Ironically, I have been working on a blog post about organizing under the kitchen sink and I organized everything 🥲 that post is gonna be edited 😅 because we need to make some changes.

This is where I’m gonna end this post. My husband is still currently hard at work as I type this. Even though this post will go live Monday so by then we should be in good shape. I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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