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Family Vacation Recap | Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Taking a vacation with your in-laws can sound like a dream or a nightmare, depending on your relationship. 

Thankfully, we have a great relationship and get along well. We would often talk over dinner and wine about planning a vacation together. So we finally did just that and took a road trip up north. This post will just be me sharing what we did and where we went. More for memory purposes and to share our adventures.

Road Trip Time

Considering we are still in the middle of a pandemic we opted to do a road trip vacation. We decided to head up north to Rhoad Island and then onward to Massachusetts. We picked this location because my husband and I did this same trip years ago and wanted to go again. Also, my in-laws have never gone and wanted to see the area. So at 5am bright (more so dark) and early we all go into my husband’s car and ventured out.

Rhoad Island

Our first location was Newport, Rhoad Island and what a beautiful place. It is so beautiful to just drive through and look at the homes and water. Our purpose here was to see the mansions more specifically The Breakers, Marble House and The Elms. There is a lot of history behind the homes and the people who built them. We ended up touring just The Breakers and Marble House due to time. I decided to purchase a book about the homes and the history because it works as a great coffee table piece.


After spending a few hours in Rhoad Island we took the rest of the drive to Massachusetts. We landed in Danvers, MA and stayed at a hotel that was located between Salem and Boston. We picked the hotel based on location because we wanted to visit both Salem and Boston. The traffic to get to Massachusetts was insane and it was also insane in both Boston and Salem. The first full day we planned to spend it in Salem but we drove around for hours trying to find a parking spot. Along with not being able to find a spot I also missed out on getting tickets to some events we wanted to attend. It was very disappointing how they sold their tickets, but we are not gonna go on about that because that is life. We eventually gave up and decided to head to Boston. First stop was Samuel Adams brewery for a tasting and tour. This was a big thing for me because my husband and I took this same trip 11 years ago to the day and we wanted to visit the brewery then but we were unable to due to how busy it was at that time. That and my husband is a big Sam Adams fan. The tour was very insightful and we even came home with some new glasses.

After the tour we wondered around the city of Boston and did some window shopping. We also had dinner at a local restaurant and I had my first lobster roll! So delicious! That evening back at the hotel my husband and I decided to get some alone time at the hotel bar.

The next day we all got up super early to get a parking spot in Salem and my in-laws found an amazing cafe to enjoy breakfast. I loved the cafe because their logo is dogs! I decided to try something new a bagel and lox. It was so delicious and I can not believe I have never tried it before. My mother in law and I both decided to pick up a souvenir cup from the cafe. We spent the next few hours wondering around Salem and checking out the area. We stopped off at the Witch Dungeon Museum and did a tour. That evening we had dinner at a local Italian restaurant and again the food was amazing.

Overall, it was a great time and I am so happy we did the trip. It was nice to spend time with my family and be able to cherish the moments. Granted, there were points were it was frustrating dealing with traffic and people having different paces but it was a great way to make memories with people that I love!

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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