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Simple Halloween Nails | Sally Hansen Miracle Gel It Takes Two Review

I love a good nail design and find elaborate nails to be beautiful and creative, but I am a simple women who loves simple basic fashion and style. My nails are not different and I like to stick to neutral basic colors. I love Sally Hansen products and have been wanting to try their new gel line. What better time then now.

I literally own three nail polish color and they are all Sally Hansen brand. I normally pick up their Insta-Dri line because I have no patience when it comes to nails drying but the polish chips pretty quickly and I wanted something that lasts longer. I do love gel nails and have been wanting to try their new Miracle gel polish so I decided to give it a try.

There was some slight sticker shock because the Miracle gel cost $11.99 for a bottle. That is pretty expensive compared to the Insta-Dri which is $3.99. The gel claims to last eight days and seems easy so it might be worth it. Since we are in the middle of Fall and Halloween is around the corner I decided to pick up the color black.

The application of the nail polish was a little frustrating. The color is so sheer that you need to apply 2-3 coats of colors. After color application you then apply the clear gel top coat. Make sure your nails are completely dry because the top coat has a tendency to remove the color. This happened multiple times and I had to reapply the color to my nails. It does take a while to dry so make sure your nails are dry before using them.

I will say even though the application was a little frustrating they really lasted and wore nicely. My nails held up for a week without massive chipping. I was impressed with how long they lasted because I work with my hands. I reapplied the color and the second time was much easier than the first time. It just takes some getting use to applying the multiple layers. I was so use to the Insta-Dri because you only need one coat and it dries quickly.

Overall, besides the application process being a bit tedious I was impressed with the lasting power of the product and think it is great. I love that you have the color and top coat all in the same packaging. Have you tried their gel polishes and are you a fan of the brand?

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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