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Bathroom Cleaning Caddy

Do you lack the motivation to clean? When you clean do you find yourself running around your house searching for your cleaning supplies? Cleaning does not and should not be difficult. It should be fast and efficient.

Recently, I created a cleaning caddy for my upstairs bathroom. I was tired of rummaging around in the closet for cleaning supplies and I want to be able to clean my bathroom and shower quickly and easily. Whenever I was cleaning the upstairs bathroom I would forget something and run between floors looking for my supplies. This is a hassle and a time waster.

I now have a small cleaning caddy that I created and keep under my sink for quick easy access to all the supplies I need. I found this adorable basket at Walmart. It has three different compartments of products. The basket is narrow so it can fit into small spaces.

Think about the supplies you need and use and simply store them in your caddy. I do need to add window cleaner to my supplies. Otherwise, I like to use a daily shower spray, magic erasers, microfiber towels, bleach and a shower scrub I made.

The scrub brush I also purchased at Walmart and I use it to clean my shower. My shower and tub are white and show dirt easily. So I mixed Dawn and vinegar into the scrub brush so I can clean my shower weekly. In between the weekly scrubs I spray with a daily cleaner.

I originally planned to place my caddy between my toilet and shower and it fit perfectly, but I prefer it out of sight. So instead I placed it under the sink and it fits perfectly. Make sure you think about the space you are working with when choosing a caddy size.

Now I have all the supplies I need in an accessible area and it will be easier for me to keep my bathroom clean. Creating a caddy is an easy way to save time and frustration with cleaning and makes chores a breeze.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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