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Watermelon, Grilling & Hot Summer Days | Weekend Recap

I have really been enjoying writing these weekend recaps. They motivate me to take more photos and I actually blog more in real time. How was your weekend? Tell me something fun you did?

Per usual I am starting this weekend recap on Friday. Friday was a rough day for me because I was all up in my emotions and very frustrated with my weight loss journey. I wont get into it because I shared it in a previous post, which I will link below. Once I was able to work through my frustration I was able to move on. My husband and I spent our Friday evening out by the fire with a few drinks. I sat on the ground and snuggled with Millie (our Boston terrier pup). It was a beautiful and relaxing evening. My drink of choice is usually a glass of wine or Hennessy and ginger ale. I mix my alcohol with diet ginger to save on points.

Feeling Discouraged | WW Weigh In

Friday evening

My Saturdays are practically always the same. My husband and I go together and I get weighed in. We then always do our errands which usually consist of grocery shopping and anything else we need to get done. When I walked into the grocery store my eyes were immediately drawn to these gorgeous peonies. They are my favorite flower! Story time……when my husband and I were planning our wedding I wanted to have peonies as my bouquet. I actually purchased my flowers online and had them shipped a few days before my wedding. Those poor flowers opened up and the petals all fell off! I had to run out and buy roses and use those instead. They will always be my favorite flower because they are stunning. I wish I purchased a bundle at the store but I ended up passing. We went to Target to grab a few things including some soil to re-pot the sunflower I got last weekend and a few other flowers. My husband actually picked out the cutest terracotta pot! Sadly, I am not sure of the sunflower will make it because on Sunday some of the petals fell off and it doesn’t look that happy. Fingers crossed 🤞

Sunflower in new terracota pot

The rest of the day was spent cleaning and tidying up the house. Saturday evening we grilled and had steaks. Which was a lot of points but it was delicious. We enjoyed a few drinks and relaxed the rest of the day. We watched the movie The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. It wasn’t a bad movie. I also got in a 15 min walk on the treadmill. I need to build up my endurance cause its trash. I stated in a previous post that I made some goals. My one goal is to get up during the workweek when my alarm goes off. I have a bad habit of laying in bed for at least 30 minutes just scrolling. I should get up and take my time to get ready. So my goal is to do that this week and hopefully next week get up even earlier to workout. It might take me longer to make it a habit but we are gonna work on that.

Making Goals | WW Week in Review

Sunday morning my husband was out doing some work for someone he knows. So I did some random things like straighten my hair and gave Millie a bath. I snapped a few quick photos of her. The rest of the day I relaxed, took a nap, worked on the blog and prepared for the week ahead. It was a nice relaxing weekend with not much going on. Which is nice sometimes. I did eat a lot of watermelon this weekend and it is so yummy right now. Plus this weekend has been super hot. Sunday was 95 degrees and Saturday was 91 degrees.

Quick workout

I did do a little self care this weekend and applied a face mask. I have been using Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask from Peach & Lily. I apply my masks with a random makeup brush that I only use for masks. These facial pads I have had forever and I love them. I use them once and just throw them in the wash. They are a great alternatives to buying wipes and cause less waste. They last forever. I will link everything I can below.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting or was yours low key and just spent relaxing around the house?

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Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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  1. Glad you had a lovely weekend! xx

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    1. Thank you! Hope you had a good weekend as well 😊

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