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Memorial Day Weekend | Weekend Recap

It was an extended weekend so get ready for a pretty long weekend recap. Cheers to the freaking weekend! When Friday at 5pm hits it is officially the weekend for me and this one was great because it is a three day weekend! I snapped the photo below after work because I was so excited and ready for the weekend. It was a rainy dreary Friday but much needed to wash away this crazy pollen.

I wore makeup twice this week! Haha that is an improvement for me. I love makeup but have not been wearing it much because having to wear a mask at work but decided that will no longer hold me back.

Friday Selfie

I came home to this card in the mail from my sister for my birthday! Such a beautiful card! Anybody else keep cards? I keep certain ones and this one is a keeper! The rest of the evening I prepped my grocery list and prepped some meals for the week. I make a grocery list every week but have fallen off making a meal plan for the weeks ahead. It was making life easier so I decided to start back up. This way I am prepped and we do not have to wonder what we are having for dinner.

What’s always in my grocery cart | WW (weight watchers edition)

Birthday Card
Grocery List and Meals
Saturday Morning Breakfast

Saturday morning started like every Saturday. Did my weigh in and then we grabbed some breakfast at a local diner. We then went grocery shopping. Thrilling stuff here people. The main event was later in the evening. Birthday dinner! We went to a restaurant called Eddie V’s which is a prime seafood restaurant. We had such a good time. The restaurant was beautiful and they had live music. I decided to take pictures of the food but that was all. I got some good photos but did not want to have my phone out the whole time. After all, we were celebrating us. Fun fact: my husband and I have the same birthday!

We both had such a fun time. This was actually the first time we purchased a bottle of wine with dinner which is surprising considering how much we enjoy wine.

Sunday was another rainy dreary day. We were kind of bored and just doing things around the house. My husband started talking about moving furniture around the house and I have no idea how this project started but it did. We have a small home which is perfect for just us both. Our dining room table is massive and we do not even use it. We decided to cut it in half. We had no idea if it would work. The table is extendable from the center so it is already two halves. We also moved our wine fridge and glasses to our basement.

I can not forget to include this. My husband purchased Cafe Du Monde Beignet mix for us to try and make beignets at home. I will say they did not turn out the same as the ones we had in New Orleans but we did good for out first try. Either way they were delicious and it was fun to make them. We enjoyed them with our coffee we brought home from New Orleans.

Creole Cuisine, Beignets & The French Quarter | Our New Orleans Getaway

Beignet Mix
Coffee & Chickery with beignets

The last thing we did on Sunday was purchase some Hennessy. My husband has really been into Hennessy and this was the most expensive bottle of alcohol we have ever purchased and will probably ever purchase. If you follow me on Instagram you saw me try this and then accidentally break a wine glass. All I can say is it is strong but we also drank it straight. When you have a good liqueur you do not need to mix it with anything. Cheers!


Memorial day Monday and the sun actually decided to come out. The rain has stopped! So happy to have a day of no rain. I got dressed and did my makeup. I was trying to go with a red, white and blue look. I recently decluttered my makeup and don’t really have color eyeshadow. I’m a neutral kinda girl. Luckily, my Naked palette has a dark blue shade and I use that with a red lip.

Memorial Day

It was so nice to have the sun come out for at least one day of the weekend. We went to my husbands parents house for a BBQ and it turned out so nice. It was a beautiful day. On the way there we stopped at road stand and picked up some flowers. I got a sunflower which I have never had before. I am excited to see how it does. I was also given some flowers from a family friend at the BBQ for my birthday. My husband was given a scratch off and won $100. We never win money on scratch off ticket so that was a nice surprise. The weekend ended with a run to Ritas and I got a vanilla custard with M&M’s. All I can say is this weekend was not weight watchers approved and I am gonna have a lot of work ahead of me this week. Tons of water, fresh fruit and vegetables to get back on track but it was worth every bite because I had an amazing weekend.

Birthday Flowers
Ritas Vanilla Custard with M&M’s

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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