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WW (weight watchers) week in review 4/24/21 – 4/30/21

This week started out with a huge surprise and shock after the last week I had! I am excited to see how this week plays out! How has your week been? Any good or bad surprises that you were not expecting? Always feel free to share your wins or losses in the comments so we can keep encouraging one another.

Yes, you read that right! I could not believe it when I saw those numbers!
SW: 175.8 lbs
CW: 166.8 lbs
Loss/Gain: -4.2 lbs
Total Loss: -9 lbs

This week started out with a weight loss which was very exciting and I was not expecting this big of a loss. Muriel (the women who weighed me) is a very sweet women and is always there the day I get weighed in. She congratulated me and we discussed weight fluctuations. She told me to not be surprised if I do not lose much at my next weigh in or if I gain (as long as it it not more than a pound). She was very supportive and has been great at giving me encouragement. I believe she has been on the program for over 20 years!

My husband and I decided to go to dinner that night. Our plans got a little botched because originally we were going to do lunch but the place we were going to go to closed between lunch and dinner. We were out at a odd time. So I looked up the menu for a small local place and we opted to go there. To my surprise the menu they had online did not match the menu they were using. So I ended up getting a chicken sandwich and fries. They had no salads! I enjoyed the meal anyway even though I felt a little quilt afterwards but that passed.

I have started to notice a difference in the fit of my scrubs recently. I have been feeling more confident in my body and how my clothes are fitting. I overall have just been feeling healthier. I use to feel so bloated and that feeling has gone away. TMI I also feel like my digestive system is more regular.

Something else I have been doing is trying to switch up my meals so I do not get bored. So this week I have been eating plain fat free yogurt with strawberries and adding half a granola bar for some crunch. I need to start coming up with dinner ideas because I am bored with our meals.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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