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What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who promotes a brand and that brands products. The brand ambassador has the role to promote the brands products with the goal of increasing brand awareness and drive an increase in sales. The role can be filled by an influencer or someone who is a customer. Generally, they are customers who already promote and advocate for the brand before they begin working with them. There are many ways a person can become an ambassador. These include reaching out to the brand, submitting a request or the brand reaching out to the person. If your interested in learning more about how to become a brand ambassador then keep reading.

How I became an ambassador and my role.

I am going to talk about my role as a brand ambassador and how I became one. This is how it works for me personally. All companies have different ways of working with their ambassadors and requirements they expect to be fulfilled. I am currently a brand ambassador for a company called Nursemates. I started purchasing from them years ago while I was a nursing student. I loved their items so much that I started sharing their products on social media with my followers. One random day I saw they were taking applications for brand ambassadors and this was the first time the company was working with people at this level. I applied and did not think I would ever get chosen, but I did! Every since that day a few years ago I have been working with the company.

What do I do for the brand?

So on occasion the brand will send me some of their new items for me to create content with. I create the content and send them pictures and also post the pictures to my social media. I also have a discount code that I share with my followers. My goal is to bring brand awareness and promote sales. I also still make my own purchases from the company. I do not make any money or commission on any sales. I also purposely do not promote other brands that make similar items because I do not want to promote the competition. Besides what I show online I also promote a lot through word of mouth. Since, I work in the medical field and use their products on a daily basis it is easy for me to promote when someone has a question or is looking for a recommendation. It is easy to promote items and companies you already know and love.

How you can become a brand ambassador.

If there is a brand you love and would like to promote you can reach out to the brand through email or social media and see if they are looking for ambassadors. Search the companies website and see if they have applications available to fill out. Many companies have applications on their website so this is a great way to reach out to the brand.

Before you reach out to a brand some these are some things to consider.

  • Do you actually use the products and/or would you actually use the product?
    Don’t just reach out to every and any brand that is looking for ambassadors. The companies are looking for genuine content to be posted to represent their brand.
  • What are the brands values and ethics?
    Do your homework on the company. Do you values align and is this something you would feel comfortable promoting?
  • Know your audience.
    If you post only about makeup on your social media platforms then it may feel ingenuine if you start promoting a brand that is selling something other than makeup. It will feel fake to your audience and like you are just trying to make money. Be authentic.
  • Follow FTC guidelines.
    There are rules when it comes to posting sponsored, gifted or paid content. Make sure are familiar with the FTC guidelines so you can stay out of trouble.

Responsibilities and pay as a brand ambassador will vary depending on the company. Make sure you are aware of the responsibilities before you accept the task. Make sure you are ready to promote the brand and bring brand awareness. Your social media accounts should be compatible with the brand and have a cohesive look. Being a brand ambassador can have several benefits but you will need to put in some work.

Thanks for reading!

– Rebekah


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