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Building Confidence in Your Smile While Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

Product in this post has been gifted. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

All my life I have been told that I have a beautiful smile. Just last week a patients wife told me she can not remember the nurses names but she remembers me because I have a beautiful smile! What a sweet compliment! I always try to smile for my patients because they are going through so much and maybe my smile can bring them some joy.

Growing up I had braces twice and I have always been insecure about my teeth. To top it off, a dentist once told me that since I had damage to my teeth from braces that whitening my teeth would never work because it would make certain spots whiter than others. I had a break down of calcium that has left marks on my teeth. I now have a different dentist and was told that I could try whitening. The only other product I tried was a teeth whitening pen and I did not see much difference and did not like the process. So when Smile Brilliant reached out to me and informed me of their process I could not say no! An at-home teeth whitening kit that provides professional teeth whitening, at a fraction of the cost! I decided to give this teeth whitening process another try.

I have been using the T3 Sensitive kit and it contains everything you need.  Did I mention they make you custom teeth whitening trays! They make the process convenient and easy with instruction cards to follow. You mix the catalyst and base and send off your impressions! The fact that you can complete the entire process from home gives this product bonus points! As a nurse I work 12 hour shifts and on my days off I do not want to spend them in a dentist office.  The process felt like they were bringing the dentist office to me and for a fraction of the price.

Once your impression come back it is time to whiten! If you have sensitive teeth like me then they will send you a desensitizing gel. You use this after you use the whitening gel. This stuff works wonders because I have sensitive teeth and had no issues. The process is simple, you brush your teeth with water, clean and dry your custom trays then apply a thin layer of whitening gel. I started off keeping my trays in for 45 minutes and worked my way up to three hours. I would whiten before bed so that way I would not eat or drink anything.

I have been using the kit for about 12 days and even skipped some days and I will continue to use this product! Since my teeth have decalcification I could see certain spots were whiter then others but it has quickly evened out and looks amazing. So if you have this same problem it is possible to whiten your teeth!

Thanks to Smile Brillant for building my confidence and allowing me to show my pearly whites off. Hopefully, I can continue to bring more smiles and happiness to my patients.


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